“Ixtul is a wonderful location that has it all, a consecrated chapel, a cocktail area around the pool, a spectacular arena for the reception as well as luxurious lodging options.
It offers an outstanding upkeep and, without a doubt, there’s no other location with all these elements to achieve a top tier memorable event with a Mexican charm
— Lorena Armengual - Celebración

Rancho Ixtul is a unique option in the destination for our events.
Our customers are fascinated with the place.
— Adriana Aburto - Maritur (DMC)

I love Ixtul, it’s a chameleonic space, any event, however big or small, it shows. I think it is one of the best locations we have in the destination and probably one of the best in the world
— Federico López - Taller Gourmet

Ixtul is a unique, unimaginable place. The moment you enter, you have the WOW factor! It is an exclusive, first class, with an impeccable maintenance location. You can develop events with different themes or the traditional Mexican party. It is a jewel in the middle of the jungle; an exclusive and private place for high level groups.
— Arnoldo Morán - Festiv Cancún

Excellent location, happy to propose it to our clients, the staff always friendly, enthusiastic and above all committed to what we do. An exclusive and tasteful location for the demanding client who seeks to surprise his or her guests! Thanks for your support
— Claudia, Cancún

Really, a spectacular place, like no other.
— Damián, México